Main Subject

Viaje del Tiempo

Exhibition Topics

objects building on tradition

Korean traditional crafts have applied diverse materials and techniques in each type as objects for objects, objects for nature, and objects for humans. Each product contains a beautiful spirit, and its value has been continued to modern times in the balance between use and spirit.

The exhibition, ‘Viaje del Tiempo’ in Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas contains the journey of time in which objects are created by humans originated from nature, with the use of continuity of line. The time of nature reveals works containing efforts to express and take after nature. The time of human shows works going through the process of a long technique to look like a sound image in living. And the time of object reveals works with the extended period of technical reproduction.

The exhibition in Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas aims to show the formative expression and symbolic system of Korea through the modern inheritance of old culture and the use reflected to living, and also to be a method to understand the living philosophy and thinking structure of Korea.

Gio Kisang, Art Director