Viaje del Tiempo

Meeting between Korean Traditional Music and Flamenco

Date & Time: 5th of April, 7:30 PM
Place: Ground Floor of Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas
Contents: Recomposition of accompanied performance between
Korean traditional music ‘Jeongga’ and Flamenco

Artist Introduction

Jeongga – Jung Mari

Jeongga performer & vice-president of Korean Traditional Music Research Association Gold Prize in General Dept. of Jeongga in the 12th Dong-A Korean Traditional Music Competition

After graduating from Gukak National High School and Dept. of Gukak in College of Music of Seoul National University, and also majoring in Jeongga as traditional voice in Graduate School of Seoul National University, she is looking for the new possibility of traditional music in diverse genres such as play, film music, dance, art, and Western ancient music, which grabs favorable comments and expectation. She is expanding the public awareness through (Soundtrack of a film ‘The Coast Guard’) and (Tribute song for Kim Kwang-Seok).

Jung Mari is continuously performing the musical experiment of Jeongga and Gregorian Chant. Fascinated by the common musical characteristics of two genres, she is trying different attempts and also conducting cooperative works with modern art and dance.

Guitar – José Manuel Montoya
Performance & Director of Flamenco Team

Flamenco guitarist & professor of CASA PATAS Music Foundation

Starting the guitar performance since nine years old, he entered the Royal Academy of Music when he was 13 years old. After starting working as a professional guitarist in 16, he played a solo since 18. With the interest in computer music from the 20s, he is also playing musics combined with new techniques. On top of providing lectures in many national music academies, he is attempting music combined with diverse genres.

Vocal – Sergio Gallego

Born in a Flamenco family of Madrid like father as Flamenco vocalist and brother as Flamenco guitarist, he received guitar lessons since he was young. Studying under Paco del Pozo, he is performing in many Flamenco clubs and festivals.

Vocal – Lorena Puentedura

Born in Granada, she learnt Flamenco from Pedro Gordillo in Malaga. She is currently teaching in CASA PATAS Flamenco Music Academy, and performing as a professional Flamenco vocalist in diverse festivals and events.

Percussion – Javier Valdunciel

As a percussionist from Madrid, he started the tour with Antonio Mrquez in Europe, Asia, and Latin America since he was 19 years old. After majoring in Music Education from Alcala, he started teaching students, and currently, he is a professor of CASA PATAS.

On top of participating in diverse performances like domestic/foreign Flamenco performance, play, and musical, he has lots of interest in the oriental percussion instruments.